Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bras That Must Be Seen: Longlines

Based on an older style of lingerie and corsetry, modern longline bras do not have the extensive boning as older styles. Some do have stiffer fabrics, but there is such a variety that a bra exists out there for everyone! Longline bras are not be confused with basques/bustiers, which extend further down the torso.

It shouldn't be a secret, but Freya longlines are my favorite. They range from a stiffer band (Piper longline) to flexible (Flourish longline), so if you range from 30 to 38 band (C to G cup for most sizes), then you should give this season's Fifi a shot!

Available at Bras & Honey

If you don't need a lot of support, then Honeydew has a nice variety of longline bras. This bralette is barely a longline (the band extends just a bit below the cups) so if you're looking for something that is not restrictive (and has a GORGEOUS back), then check out this bra! Nordstrom carries a variety of colors.

Available at Nordstrom

If you like to keep your budget in mind (and who doesn't) AND you want an underwire, then this bra may be for you. It only comes in Small, Medium or Large, so it's only a step above the Honeydew Bralette in terms of flexibility. It's still incredibly cute, though!

Available at HerRoom

For those of you know me, then you know this is of course my favorite longline. The fabric is shiny, slick and there are cute button and lace details. This bra is available in US sizing. Parfait may no longer make it (it arrived in 2013) but there was a light pink and bright purple option available.

Available at Break Out Bras

Want to check out other longlines? Nordstrom has a good variety.

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