Monday, February 9, 2015

Unusual Bra Accessories: Etsy Edition

Bras tend to have standard accessories such as bra hooks, clear straps, etc. But enough of that! You see that every day! Today's post is about UNUSUAL bra accessories I have found on Etsy.

Photo from the Rixie Clip website.
Possibly the MOST useful accessory you can have for a bra is a Rixie Clip! The Rixie Clip "can BOTH EXTEND AND TIGHTEN your bra bands, putting YOU in control of how your bra fits!" Invented by Rick and Dixie (thus Rixie), this fabulous tool is most useful when your bra has stretched too far for you to use effectively but you can't afford to replace it (or you just love it too much)! It comes in a few different color options and with differing amounts of eyes/hooks.

You can find out more or order from their website HERE!

Photo from LoveLornLingerie's Etsy page.
For $38 plus shipping, you can add a great harness that would sit under the bust but look FUN above a low cut shirt. There are a number of other options available on LoveLornLingerie's Etsy.  J.S. Ding, the store owner, knows her stuff and even custom makes the band to your underbust!

For a review of a different harness, check out The Undercover Lingerista's review from last January.

Photo from GirafairryCreations Etsy page
With nearly 200 positive reviews, this little accessory is a close runner up for a useful Etsy bra accessory. If you want to wear a dress AND use your Fitbit Flex, I can think of no better way than this BraWrap! Mandy Schultz, the owner, also makes a variety of other accessories to attach your Fitbit Flex to, as well!
Lace Harness Cage Bra
I have no idea WHERE I would wear this harness (Burning Man? Halloween?) but I think I want it now! What's great about this harness is that it can be worn over outerwear as well as lingerie, so it's a bit more versatile than the red harness above.  TwilightSiren also carries other harnesses as well.

Photo from MyBraLee Etsy store.
If you've ever had a bra turn into an attempted murderer and try to stab you, this nifty Etsy creation might just be your thing. Simply apply the BraLee where your underwire has escaped and you should be safe from your bra... for now! You can choose from certain colors at the Etsy store.

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