Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ariel Winter: Role Model for All Ages

Photo from Ariel's Glamour shoot 2015
Perhaps one of the greatest side effects of advanced medicine has been breast augmentation and breast reduction. For a society that puts a lot of emphasis on what we look like, it has been a boon to allow people to change their appearance and in a way, help with mental/physical stress and body image issues. And one lucky lady has undergone a breast reduction and, in order to preemptively stop the haters, has given an interview with Glamour magazine. That lovely young lady is Ariel Winter, star of Modern Family.

I highly suggest you read the original interview here before proceeding.

So why am I talking about breast reductions on a lingerie blog. Well, I have been surrounded by busty ladies my entire life and quite a few have undergone the procedure or have thought about it.

Don't just jump on the augmentation-hater bandwagon. "But that's the body God gave you!" "Why would you want to get rid of your boobs?" If someone wants to change their body, then let them!* Surgery isn't something you just jump into! It takes time, money and a lot of confidence to alter your body. Many women choose a reduction to alleviate shoulder/back pain, a lack of clothing options or because of the negative attention they have received from others. And some women (and even some men) need breast tissue removed due to cancer and then get implants after. It's difficult as a woman to be told that society loves a big bust to waist ratio but then have the same society throw shade at women who naturally have large breasts or those that choose to augment them.
Photo from Getty Images

I have mad respect and empathy for the girls and women who grow up with shame about their breasts, whether they think they're too large or too small. Dirty comments and creepy glares (I'm sure most, if not all women, have experienced these) can add up and it can really get you down. For some (like me), getting properly sized for a bra can do wonders. A firm band can help hold breast tissue where it can rest comfortably. A cup that holds all of the tissue will cut down on stabbing and movement. A properly-fitted bra is a first strike against body shame!

Here is to Ariel Winter, you wonderful lass!

* Many surgeons have the right to refuse services and procedures to those they don't feel are mentally prepared for the procedure. Please discuss any changes with a physician (or multiple physicians) before taking the plunge.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Product Review: Fresh Breasts

I sometimes make impulsive buys. Rarely is it for a bra (that is an investment!) but I will buy a product that is meant for the busty lady and is also relevant for my day-to-day life. For those of you in the Pacific Northwest you know that it has been HOT! Like melt the Starbucks cup in your car HOT. So I decided to invest in this product called Fresh Breasts, brought to you by the same company as Fresh Balls (yes, you read that correctly).

Let's be clear: I am not paid to review anything (although that would be cool!) so this is just my honest opinion: it works. If you are a busty lady or you get chafing legs (because you can use it there, too!) then you should seriously consider Fresh Breasts. The name is terrible but oh so accurate, too. The tube (which is pretty substantial) holds a lotion that dries into a powder. It costs $11.99 for 5oz.

The powder DOES get on fabric, which is unfortunate, but you can put this on before a bra or just if you want to lounge around your house, the supermarket, etc. braless (I won't judge you). For ladies who don't want to use aluminum, parabens or talc, this is a great alternative. I have NOT substituted my normal deodorant for this, although you could always try. The scent is vaguely powdery but it's not meant to be powerful (which is great unless you wanted that bra perfume from last week).

There are a few other products out there that are similar such as the Lady Anti-Monkey Butt Powder, which again is TOTALLY a real thing, so if this doesn't work for you then there are alternatives.

P.S. If your guy friend feels left out (I mean, who wouldn't?) then they can stock up on some Fresh Balls for... you know what... And Fresh Feet works, too! I bought Feet and Breasts because why not?