Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bras and... Perfume

Sometimes I lay awake at night and ponder my life, the Universe, and whatever crazy thing someone invented for bras. Today is about perfumed bras. Yes, they're a thing. And some people have gotten creative in an effort to perfume their bras, outside of the normal spritz and dab. Below are examples that I would LOVE to get my hands on.

OMG, OMG, OMG! It's bling for your bra and it can smell divine! Honestly, this isn't practical at all but why not!? The Braza Perfume Brooch works by spraying your favorite perfume onto a small sponge, inserting it into the brooch and then pinning it to your bra. Now, this probably won't make waves under a turtleneck layer BUT if you're into easy breezy summer-style tank tops, then this isn't a terrible idea. Now, most perfume works best when it is heated from your body but I'm sure if you are blessed up top there should be enough heat to make this work effectively. Also, the sale price of $3.95 isn't that bad, either. They also carry a variety of other shapes, colors, sizes, etc.

I'm not sure how effective this will be after a single wash, but the Adira Perfumed bra is super basic and is a cute color. A regular price of $6.60 is also not half-bad. The bra comes in three different scents (rose, lavender and jasmine). The company claims the scent will last for 20 washes (huh...) and is tested by International Testing Body (which technically I could not find on the internet). If anyone owns this or is willing to throw $5 my way, I might be willing to see how it all works. Yandy has a slightly more expensive bandeau version that only lasts 5-7 washes.

Yesterday's Perfume posted this good one from an old Vogue magazine. You put perfume on the "Scent-Petal" (don't ask me) and slip it into your bra. Not nearly as pretty as the Braza bling and maybe that's why it didn't catch on.

Lets be clear: this section is just a play on words. Dans tes Bras is French for "In your arms" but I couldn't help adding this into the section. Maybe you could spritz it on your Braza brooch? Or on your Adira bra and panty set?! The choices are limitless!

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