Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Underwear as Outerwear - Back-olletage

There are many things we can learn from Regina George from Mean Girls: Swedish food is delicious, lacrosse and other sports can help you vent your frustration through physical exercise, and if you have the confidence, you can style a bra however you please.

It's been 11 years since Mean Girls came out, and I can vouch that all of those things are true. I can't help you with Swedish dining or lacrosse, but I can definitely throw out an idea or two of how to style your bra and make it a key feature of your wardrobe.* And my method won't include going Queen Bee on your friends, family and colleagues (sorry, not sorry, Regina).

*This post was inspired by the FreshPair's "Underwear as Outerwear" campaign. I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. However, because FreshPair approached me with the idea, I'm more than happy to link to some of their items for inspiration. Also, check out their bra page for some great deals.


Grey Cotton Jersey Backless Nightgown
Backless shirts are in. Backless dresses are in. And goodness, so are backless pajamas (not to be confused with THIS nightgown). Personally, I'm against paying full-price for half of a shirt (think: crop top), but with a backless shirt you're paying for the part that matters while leaving the possibilities open.

A back-less shirt or dress can be dressed up much more easily than a cropped shirt. Perhaps the easiest way to incorporate your underwear as your outerwear is to find a bra with a cute and/or sexy back and rock it with your backless shirt. Not lingerie-related but you can even put on some of that stick-on jewelry. Possibilities!

Hopeless' Suzy Bralette $115
Lets keep things simple and start with color. If you like to wear plain, black shirts, then mix things up with a bit of color. Hopeless' Suzy Bralette has a bright pop of red and the creative shape and links help draw the eye down the back. Red is a great choice, but if you want a more economic choice with THIRTEEN colors, then try Aerie's Lace Cross-Back Bralette.

Calvin Klein Y-Back - FreshPair
Keep things even more simple and effective with something black and slightly unusual. The black lines of this Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Y-Back Push-Up Bra provides the straight lines and band support to keep your mildly business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back wardrobe. I mean, let's not go TOO crazy.

This bra also comes in "nude", but you can also find something similar in the OnGossamer Lace Back Convertible Push-Up Bra at FreshPair, which also comes in black, nude and LAPIS!

Hopeless' Eva Harness $90


In March of this year Bustle writer Freyia Lilian Porteous wrote an article on why she preferred her backless dress to a bustier option. Freyia described her dress as having a "large shape, draping over my shoulders, feels cozy and close. It is both sexy and subtle." So what if you have a dress you want to sex-up but want to leave it simple in the front? Cute bra!

Back to Hopeless! This harness isn't necessarily a bra, but it would work if you have a backless shirt or if you have a crop top. Anything with sateen, buckles or even lace can sexy-up the back of a simple dress or shirt.

Freya Minx $66 - FreshPair

Compared to the Suzy Bralette, the Freya Minx is much simpler and offers substantially more support. This would be a great choice for a bustier lady who still needs the band support but also wants color and some zing.

Once you get above a D-cup the possibilities start to wain. Cacique carries the Geo Lace Cami Bra that can hook in back (Sizes: 36D - 36DDD; 38C - 46DDD, 38F-44H) AND their High Neck Half Cup Plunge Bra is delightful in the back.

I'm just going to throw some winners out here for those of you who love pretty things! I found all of these from EricaM Legwear, so... go get them! Why even wear a shirt at all?

EricaM Legwear - Hanako
EricaM Legwear -Mani
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