Monday, January 5, 2015

ABC Bras

Often forgotten in the bra blog world are the smaller cup sizes. Sometimes it can be as difficult (or more so) to find a bra built for smaller frames/smaller cups vs. smaller frames/larger cups. Here are a few brands to look into if you happen to have an AA, A, B, and/or C cup!

P.S. As a note, I have not tried these brands, so if you have any insight to them, please share!
P.P.S. Pay attention to how these companies size their cups. Not all A's are created equal!

Little Women Lingerie
(32 to 40 AAA to A) 
Little Women carry not only their own brands but other brands as well. They have the largest band sizes of all of the brands mentioned here. Their line includes a sailor-themed bikini top option as well as a strapless.

Lula Lu Petite Lingerie
(30AA to A, 32AA to C, 34AAA to C, 36AAA to B, 38AAA to A)

Lula Lu produces their bras in Thailand specifically for the smaller bust! Just like Little Women lingerie, they also carry other brands including their house brand. Their cup sizes (AAA and AA) are meant for if your bust is less than 1/2" difference from your bust or less less than 1" difference, respectively.

Royce Lingerie
(34 to 38 A to DD, 40 B to DD)
Royce focuses on wirefree bras (and quite a range of maternity bras, too!). They have a broad size range but what's important is that they have A cup sizes! I haven't seen them in the US but you can always ship abroad.

The Little Bra Company 
(28 to 34 A-C, 36 A-B, 38 A)
The Little Bra Company knows what they are all about. Their wide-range of band sizes helps them cater to many different women's shapes and sizes. From the bedroom to the boardroom, The Little Bra Company has something to offer.

Annie from Stylish Petite did a review of the Erin. Check it out for some insight on smaller-cupped bras. 

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