Monday, January 12, 2015

Kim Kardashian is Wearing the Wrong (Band) Size

Without going into too much detail, I want to admit that I am a people watcher and a fan of celebrity magazines. When I'm alone getting coffee or out shopping, you can find me observing everyone around me and at home I will read trashy gossip articles. If you're anything like me, then this means you already have the skills to identify a badly fitted bra band. The key? The back!

This is usually a good place to look for extreme examples of poorly fitted bands. A loose band rides up the back, whereas a well-fitted band sits parallel to the floor. Under tightly-fitted t-shirts, these rogue bands can be seen. To make it easier, here is a look under the t-shirt.

Beneath the Shirt
Above is an example of a poorly-fitted band. It rides (way) up the back. For women who are large-cupped, when a band is too big they tighten the straps. This in turn pulls the band up even more. What a never-ending cycle! So what does this type of "ride up" look like under a shirt?

Above the Shirt

Radar Online

Here is an example of a poorly fitted bra on Kim Kardashian. Poor lady can't always find a bra that fits her. Under her shirt you can see her bra ride up, almost like a frown! Kim's bra is frowning! The Kardashians are already working on their own lingerie line so hopefully we'll see this frown turn upside down.

Does this shape look like the first picture up top? (The answer is yes). Kim's bra band is riding up where it "fits" (i.e. wider portion of the ribcage) so she has to tighten the band to keep the cups up. Like most of the US, she's probably trapped in a world that says 32" is the smallest band and DD/E is the largest cup. Don't give up, Kim! There is a bra out there for you somewhere!

So what can you do about these poor ladies with ill-fitting bra bands? Nothing! Unless you're close you can't (and shouldn't) say anything. But you CAN use this knowledge for yourself, your best friend, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc. If your bra band is riding up, then consider moving down in the band size (and if your cup already fits, move up a cup for every size you go down in the band). There will be a post on this later.

Interested in celebrity bra sizes? Georgina Horne at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has a good rundown on celebrity sizes.

Interested in the bra? The Fantasie Alina bra is available in a size range of 30-38 D to H, 40 D to FF.

Where to Buy

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