Monday, January 19, 2015

US Celebrity Lingerie Lines

Many celebrities have begun partnering and/or collaborating with existing bra manufacturers. For many companies this makes a great deal of sense. Dita von Tees's parternship with Wonderbra is a good peek into the mind of a woman helping to revive burlesque. Below are a few of a few brands you may see either online or in brick and mortar stores.

Britney's line has been hyped about for just about two years. What is exciting about this brand is they focus on larger cup brands (US sizes). So if you are a 30G UK then Intimate has 30I US! This is ground-breaking in terms of expanding cup sizes for woman who are usually stuck with A-DDDD. Also the bras range from functional to gorgeous.

Website: Intimate

Von Follies is a collaboration between Dita von Teese and Wonderbra. Their specialty is upscale/sexy lingerie but they are also releasing maternity bras. This combination rarely goes hand-in-hand, so if you are looking forward to motherhood but NOT looking forward to finding new bras, then check out Von Follies and let us know how you like it.

Website: Von Follies
Review: Super Kawaii Mama

Talk about girl-power and my-wallet-power, Halle Berry and Target have teamed up to release Scandale. Scandale, a French brand, has nearly a century of lingerie expertise and with Halle's star-power and connections, it is much easier to cruise to a local Target and find a set. That being said, there it's a very limited range and the designs are very minimal.

Website: Scandale
Where to Buy: Target

Of all of these brands I know the least of the Kardashians. Partnering with Sears (at least for normal clothes), this line has been promoted since 2012 but nothing physical has materialized in a Sears that I have seen. However, there is at least one online retailer who is carrying the line: Bras n' Things (an Australian brand). Maybe they are limiting this to Australia. Hopefully we'll find out more one day.

Where to Buy: Bras n' Things

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