Monday, December 29, 2014

Marsala and Lingerie

Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Pantone has chosen Marsala as the 2015 Color of the Year. This color has been gracing shop windows, magazine colors and fashion blogs for about a month now and although you can easily find makeup, accessories or outerwear in this shade, what about lingerie? Which brands carry this sumptuous shade of red and do I have to break the bank to find it?

Aubade - Russian Cancan - Luxurious Marsala

Photo from (link above)
Although Aubade has only released it's Fall/Winter 2014 calendar, there are still a few beauties you can collect mid-season to start off your 2015. Top of the list is the Russian Cancan in Spicy (which also comes in Black and White). Sizes include 32 A-F cup up to 38 A-F cup. It also comes with a variety of matching bottoms.

Unless you enjoy "dressing up" under your work attire, this set is most likely limited to the bedroom. There's a reason this color is called "Spicy." The pompoms set into the bridge probably don't lie flat under a t-shirt, either.

Approximately $150 USD

Where to Buy
Store Locator
Nancy Meyer

Curvy Kate - Ritzy - Playful Marsala
Photo from CK Catalog

The Curvy Kate Ritzy is another Fall/Winter selection that will send you a for a spin. The photo from the website shows a brighter, more orange red than what you see in real life. Their Spring '15 collection has a Black Poppy color that more closely resembles Marsala if you want a subtle but still bold choice. Also, it comes in a Babydoll! What more could you want? Sizing goes from 28 to 38 D to J cup.

Approximately $60 (bra) $90 (babydoll)

Where to Buy
Bare Necessities

Addiction Nouvelle - Pushup Contour Bra - Practical (yet Chic) Marsala
 Photo from Addiction Nouvelle
Addiction Nouvelle specializes in sexy comfort and support (here here!). This is outside of my size range but I am sighing to wear it. This can be a bedroom piece or underneath clothing. Sizing ranges from 30 to 38 B to G cup (US sizing)!

Approximately $70

Where to Buy
Addiction Lingerie

Lingerie Theory (out of stock)

Cacique - Push Up Demi Bra - Affordable Marsala
Photo from
Perhaps the TRUEST and closest to marsala bra is the Cacique Push Up Demi Bra in Ruby Red. It is also (coincidentally) the most affordable. With a 4.5/5 rating on the item page, plenty of ladies love this bra. This does have a limited size range 36 C to DDD, 38 DD to DDD and 40 DDD but that price (and color) knocks the socks off of everything else on this list.

$36 from Cacique

Where to Buy
Cacique (in store/online)

Panache - Tango II - Ooh La La Marsala
Photo from Breakout Bras
The Tango is a staple in the Panache collection. In Scarlet it falls right into the Marsala range, offering support as well as some fun. This has the broadest selection of sizes, so it should be a go-to for anyone looking for a Marsala-colored bra.

Approximately $50

Where to Buy
Breakout Bras

Elomi - Etta - Welcome to 2015 Marsala
Not available until January 2015, the Etta promises to be calling your name. Not a true Marsala, this set in Pomegranate is still a good start to a new year. Sizing goes from 34 G to JJ, 36 to 42 E to JJ, and 44 E to G cups.

Approximately $50 to $70

Where to Buy
Nordstrom (maybe?)

Hopefully this starts you out in 2015 when you're on the prowl to stay in style (even if no one else knows)! See you next time!

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