Monday, May 4, 2015

Lingerie Commercials and Women

Currently, there is a very large discussion about the effects on women from advertisements and photoshop. With the number of households using the internet increasing, the impact on women can only become more widespread and this should be no surprise. But as more people are reached, we do have to ask if advertisers are taking their more diverse demographic into account. Are advertisers using more body shapes, sexes, races, etc.? Are they advertising differently than they have before? And what does this mean for the people who need/want to purchase lingerie?

Today we'll take a peek at the changes I've seen in recent years toward advertising lingerie/swimwear and even a look at somethings that appear to not have changed at all!

What's New?
Perhaps one of the biggest changes was the subtle introduction of Jennie Runk into the H&M advertising fold. There was no fanfare or trumpeting of Jennie being a "plus-sized model" (which is very different from being plus-size in the non-modeling world) at a US size 12. She was just another model. And America loved it!

Although the data is 5 years or older, the Center for Disease Control lists the average US woman as being just under 5'4" and a waist of 37.5". It is hard to look at these numbers and see the line up of Victoria's Secret angels and their measurements (take this website with a grain of salt, though) and compare them to the average American woman. For comparison, JAG Models, (Jennie's agency), lists her at 5'10" and with a 33" waist. Not the same as the rest of America, but so much closer!

aerie blew everyone out of the water when they announced they would stop photoshopping their models. Now, there probably wasn't a promise that they would NOT photoshop the FIT of the bras on the models, but this announcement came right at the beginning of 2014 and probably helped inspire other companies to do the same.

Perhaps the latest and most entertaining is Triumph's new animated advertisement called "Find the One"! Spotted by my friend C.W., this ad features their spoksemodel Hannah Ferguson, a Broadway musical producer AND singers, and a rather strange frog. It captures every woman's desire to find "the one." We'll skip around the director, Tobias Fueter's, comment about how the French, "know the girls, [and how] they love beautiful things” (ugh, really?) and appreciate it for its charm and how it hits the nail on the head: the right bra is important to have a dream sequence about!

What's the Same?
I'll just kind of leave these here.

For a rundown of the VS show through the ages, please checkout this Huffington Post article. I believe the VS angels have been around since 1999!

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