Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebration Lingerie

Casual lingerie. Sexy lingerie. Business casual lingerie (I'm sure it's a thing, somewhere. It will involve pinstripes, definitely). But today I felt the need to show you some celebration lingerie.

So what IS celebration lingerie? It's not a marketing ploy by any particular company but something I have created myself. Because I feel like CELEBRATING today! Celebration lingerie's visual aesthetics should remind you of fireworks or the first flowers of spring. Here are a few 2015 Celebration Lingerie sets that will hopefully help you celebrate the day.

It's bright! It's lacy! It has ribbons AND cool cut outs. Heidi Klum Intimates, based out of Australia, doesn't stray far from the standard lingerie styles. Basic black/white/nude sets, lacy numbers and some colorful pieces, but the keyhole boost set stands out for its bright colors and adorable details. This set would make me feel GREAT! Also, having boost in the name doesn't hurt. This is the Blue Atoll version of the set.

Sizes: 32 to 38 B-D

Note: Australian sizes use 10, 12, 14 instead of 32, 34, 36, etc. The cup sizes are the same as UK bras.

Agent Provocateur is designed to be, well, provocative and sexy, but with the bright colors the Karlie stands out as a party animal, too. Do you feel like wearing this to your celebration party? I sure hope so!

Sizes: 32 to 36 A-E

Did anyone else's parents tell them you were a princess when you were young? Even if you're not Kate Middleton you still can be with this bodysuit. The front is studded with rhinestones and a decorative jewelry piece dangles supported at the breastbone. The back is just as gorgeous (below)!

Sizes: S, M, L
So go find your celebration lingerie. Go feel great! And rock your gorgeous self!

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