Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sports Bra: Panache Underwired

The best part of working out is the sports bra. This is when I prove to you that I'm not crazy, right? Because with articles like this from Buzzfeed I think the general consensus for D+ cup sized women is that sports bras are insufficient, ineffective and the devil in uniboobed form.

So why do I think sports bras are the best? It's because I have fallen in love (sorry boyfriend) with the
There's no denying this bra's effects on the lingerie blogosphere. Bra's I Hate & Love liked it (although they don't carry her size, she's a 28HH). Fry Sauce & Grits "really, really, really like[s] it." And Marathoning for "real" women gave it a rating of 23/25 (marked down only for bouncing and appearance). For more reviews you can flip through The DD Plus Review, Invest in Your Chest, Diary of a Fit Mommy, and A Sophisticated Pair. Also The Full-Figured Chest, Sweet Nothings, and probably a dozen others. Seriously, this thing is amazing.

I own four of these, the most of any other bra I own (rivaled by the Freya Deco). One in gray, two in black, and one in the Olympic edition that is red, white and blue. There are currently THIRTEEN colorways available at Amazon. The price there ranges from $45 to $68. If you're thinking that is steep, well, how much do your double-bra "sports" bras cost and how often do you have to replace them? I've owned my gray sports bra for roughly four years and it's still holding itself together!

In terms of comfort, this is the most comfortable bra (not just sports bra) that I own. The wires are lined with a comfortable gel to protect against rubbing and jabbing. The material is meant to wick moisture away from the body and as a prolific sweater (I DO love to share, don't I?) I find that this does the job!

Like a lot of smaller cup bras, there are J hooks in the back so you can make it a racer back. If the cups aren't tight enough then hooking these up will do the trick. A lot of people find it difficult to hook them together but I haven't found it extremely difficult. The band is firm (mine hasn't budged much since I bought it) so don't feel the need to size down in the band. The cups are fairly true to size. Although the front of the bra sits fairly high, depending on the top I would just wear this under regular clothes.

Are you looking for a new sports bra? Looking for a bra that isn't bedeviled? Try the Panache Sports Bra at Amazon, Nordstrom, Figleaves, A Sophisticated Pair and you can check out the stockists shown on the Panache website.

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