Monday, April 6, 2015

Why every woman should want to be a (lingerie) model #ImNoAngel

While growing up, children are always being asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And kids will respond with answers like astronaut, wife, race car driver, or even an expert in Greek mythology (OK, that was me! The evidence is below.). Rare is it for a young child to say "model" and probably non-existent to say "lingerie model."
Lingerie Libra at age 12
But as we become adults, the world changes and we see the world differently. At 12 you start to notice that there are TV ads with attractive stars and models. Blockbuster movies play on the silver screen or through our computer screens. And then the latest issue of Seventeen arrives and you start to think, "Maybe this could be me. Maybe I could be a model!" And then the world starts to get in the way.
 Lingerie Libra at age 14
Directly or indirectly people tell you that you are not a size 0 (whatever that means) and you're under 5'8". Then you might become more critical of your looks. You're 14 and you have acne, stretch marks and braces and LIFE JUST IS NOT FAIR. You think that you CAN'T be a model because none of them look like you!
Victoria's Secret "Perfect Body" Campaign - Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret
And while there are lean, tall and beautiful women on all of the advertisements and campaigns (that demographic is well-covered), it's hard to find another body that represents well... YOUR body. So why not make that happen yourself?
Lingerie Libra at 25 (far left) - Photo courtesy of Curvy Kate's Star in a Bra 2012
So why should every woman want to be a lingerie model? Because the 12 year old you USED to be needs to know that you are confident in your body. And all of the other young girls growing up need to know that they can be confident, too!
Lane Bryant's new campaign #I'mNoAngel - Photo courtesy of PopSugar
The 14 year old you needs to know that stretch marks are fine and that acne doesn't make the person. You can be happy and be a size 0 or a size 22. A person isn't the size of their body!
Tess Munster, Milk Model Management - Photo courtesy of Google search for Tess Munster
And even if you aren't "model" height you can rock it like Tess Munster who is 5'5". In her words, "Eff your beauty standards!" Go sign with an agency! Show everyone AND yourself that you can do it. Celebrate Lane Bryant's #I'mNoAngel campaign!
Andrej Pejic - Photo courtesy of Design Scene
You might even identify as a woman, be a transgender woman, somewhere in-between or off-from-center or WHATEVER and STILL want to wear lingerie! Be the next Andrej Pejic and strut your stuff!
Lingerie Libra at 27
Because even if you're 12, 14, 25 or 27, you deserve to be happy with yourself. And you deserve to see a diverse group of women of all shapes, heights, colors, personalities, etc. Be your own spokesmodel and show the world that all types of women are welcome in the world, not just the modeling world.

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